It Comes in Pints!- Tree of Gondor Flasks

Way to hold your liquor, Bro…

Here are some LOTR style 8oz. flasks from Etsy seller Emporium of Fluff featuring the Tree of Gondor and in they come in SO many (4) colors.  On top of being able to swill your favorite adult beverage while hacking through myriads of orcs (aka not getting laid), for a paltry $2 more you can have them personalized.

Now I don’t know about you, but 8 oz of the sweet nectar just doesn’t seem manly enough for a warrior of my caliber.  That’s why I only drink from a hollowed-out walrus tusk.  Now if you don’t mind ::chug chug:: I have to do battle with a Balrog. “Uh, that’s not a Balrog, that’s my grandma and she’s sleeping.”  THE DARK FIRE WILL NOT AVAIL YOU, FLAME OF UDUN!



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