Sippin’ on Some Sizzur……OH MY GOD HOLD HIS TONGUE: Lil Wayne Hospitalized

So I am sure those of you who care have already heard about this, or you know, actually read it somewhere people go for information, but Lil Wayne was hospitalized this week after another round of seizures he has been suffering as of late.  Some reports have claimed that he overdosed on a mixture of sprite and codeine.  His reps are naturally claiming the seizures have nothing to do with drug use (even though seizures are a known side effect to prolong codeine abuse).


Now I am glad he is going to be ok, for now, but let’s be real for a second.  This guy has basically been robotripping for about a decade.  Anyone who has listened to a single rap he has ever written would agree he is either a genius or borderline handicapped.  Naturally, I have always leaned towards the latter, but that is open for debate.  Don’t get me wrong, that work he put in on The Mind of Mannie Fresh was hilarious, and I am not a hater by nature, but at some point the weed handlers have to step in and tell dude to lay off that purple drank.  Also, I might be out of the loop but where in the good goddamn is Baby at?  You know his ass isn’t messing with that broke ass oil company any more, so why doesn’t he drive his Veyron over to Wayne’s house and lay down some knowledge before he becomes even more of a cartoon character.  I can almost hear the conversation in that hospital room:

Doctor: Listen man, seriously, if you keep drinking that shit, you’re probably going to die….

Wayne: ::weakly::  I …..get…….money **cough cough**

Doctor: Sir, are you even listening to me?

Wayne: Don’t call me sir, call me survivor

Doctor: Done! ::walks out of the room::

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