Find the Corn!: Turning Poo into Electricity

An emerging trend is wiping (I’ll go jump off a cliff now) the floor with traditional electricity production.  With the cunning use of bacteria, companies such as Fuel Cell Energy Corp. of Connecticut are using a century old process of turning last night’s Chipotle into usable elctricity.  Essentially, by harvesting the solid waste from sewage, bacteria feed on the waste and release methane, which goes on to power fuel cells.  I’m no chemist, but if you want a better explanation the original article is here.

People never cease to amaze me.  One man’s fecal matter is another man’s Duracell.  Apparently the cells provide enough electricity to reduce the burden on the waste water plant by sixty percent!  Now I’m not saying this is the answer to the world’s energy needs, but there are 112 MILLION people living in Mexico, who I am assuming are eating Mexican food on the daily.  And as the ancient Egyptians once said, That’s a whole lot of cheddar.  Hell, for a price, I will hook my ass up diectly to your phone charger and eat White Castle for every meal….EXCEPT BREAKFAST.  It’s too important to play games with.

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