Man Flips Over Police, Is Beat Up

A video is circulating the interwebs showing a gentleman practicing being a ninja over some unwitting members of the local police force.  Whether it was because they are jealous of his sweet moves (though he has nothing on Chun-Li…mmm) or because police do not take kindly to being snuck up on, words are exchanged.  They seem to be in the mood to let the guy go, until they notice that they are being filmed (it should be noted it is not illegal to do backflips, nor to record an officer).  At this point, after threatening to rip the man’s head off, they tell him exactly what kind of day he is going to have and violently tackle the man to the ground.  In case you haven’t seen it, peep it out below:

This is my first post on here so I would rather not start out on such a sour note, but WTF?!  We have as a society allowed ourselves to become such irresponsbile citizens that we put up with a bunch of gumshoes tackling people and arresting them for absolutely nothing, save for being kind of a dick.  But this is ‘Murka, and acting like a complete douchebag might as well be the one right we still have left.  That and guns, because while the police are allowed to cart your children off to jail for being inconsiderate, what really concerns me is my continued ability to shoot squirrels with my .357.   I know a certain furball that won’t be stealing from the birdfeeder again.

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